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Working From Home Is a Blessing

This post appeared first on my old blog, Graceful Musings and I decided to copy it here as I am thinking to start a series about how I started working from home and how it helped our family.

work from home, a blessing


In the beginning of 2016, I have already posted about my hopes in becoming a work-from-home-mom, but you see it didn’t happen immediately. I have a lot to consider : our financial status, our upcoming relocation and the fear of starting an unknown venture.

Why do I want to work-from-home?

Well, like most of the obvious reasons: More time with my family. Especially that we are having a hard time looking for someone to take care of the kids while me and hubby are working. I no longer want to go home from a tiring day at work without the kids because they had to stay at my parent’s place, somewhere away from us. And also, my family needs me more than money. Although I know that it is a necessity, I’d be working from home to take care of them and earn at the same time. That’s my ideal goal.

Last July 2017, I have took a leap of faith and finally resigned from my more-than-5-years-job. The reasons?

1. When we moved in Laguna, the travel going to work has been a struggle. Because of the distance, I have sacrificed my time and sleep which eventually affected my health. I got insomnia and I became anemic. I felt physically, mentally and emotionally drained EVERY.DAY.
2. My expenses going to work is higher than the money I am getting after paying all the bills. What about the mouths that I need to feed?
3. My marriage has been suffering, too! And we have almost decided to get separated – and I don’t wanna do that.
Before I tell you what I’ve done to start working from home, let me share first MY FEARS:
1. We don’t have any savings nor emergency funds. In fact, we are heavily in debt and we don’t know how to re-pay. I am just so grateful that the people I owe money from are very understanding of our situation.
2. I don’t know what’s in store for us. Weighing the pros and cons, I still am worried if this will be the wisest decision I can make for my family. Like for instance, the company-provided health card for me and my kids, that was very helpful and that’s one of the benefits I’ll no longer have once I decided to shift to working from home.
3. I don’t know what I can bring to the table. I know I can brag about my extensive experience in customer service, but the competition is really tough and it will be as if starting from scratch again.

But I still believed, and here are the actions I have taken to make it possible:

1. I can’t do anything about our financial status, so I prayed and I prayed really hard.

Where God guides, God provides

And I know this is where I am supposed to be, because home is where mom is, right? So I really took a leap of faith, even if a lot of people is questioning my decision, my capability and the risk that I am taking. As Kim of Mom On Duty said, “Just start…” and so I did.
2. I know that I lack skills and that I don’t have so much to present in the jungle of freelancing world, so I educated myself. Self-learning is the key! There are so many resources and tools that we could take advantage of, and some of them are free. For instance, I have joined a lot of Facebook groups that support work-from-home-people. They are providing free webinars and tips to get started. There are also sites that offer free courses, like Udemy. It’s a tough competition, but if you wanna make it happen, then make it happen.
3. I have created my beginner’s kit : CV, cover letter, skill set and confidence, and the technical side : desktop, reliable internet connection, headset with noise cancellation feature and I borrowed my sister’s laptop for back up (since our desktop is the only entertainment we have at home).
work from home, the beginning
This was a laptop I borrowed from my sister when I was just starting
4. Since I don’t know if this plan will work, I’ve tested my hypothesis. I have created profiles in some (legit) sites like Upwork (formerly oDesk), Online Jobs Ph, Freelancer Ph and Elance. I have also taken some assessments to qualify and so I can start applying. And after a couple of months applying and waiting, I finally got a client! I started as a part time marketing specialist for this Australian client and that’s when I told myself “This is it!”. I have resigned from my job when his offer became stable.
Now, a lot has been asking me, “Is the pay good?”
The amount of money you’ll earn depends on how you’ll work for it. In my case, I honestly started with a low rate. But as I push toward my goals – God has been (and will always be) really good in blessing me with very nice opportunities and I would say that as of today, the pay that I am getting out of my hard work is really worth all the risks I’ve took!
Work from home, a blessing
This is my set up now. I was able to invest on a laptop and a PC (both second hand but are in very good condition)


Indeed! This has been an answered prayer. If you have been following me in IG and FB, you’ll knew there was a time when our family experienced being away from each other – it was really insane! When after a very tiring day from work, I’ll go home in an empty house, I will just cry. That was my great motivation. I don’t want my kids to be away, physically, emotionally and mentally. I don’t want them calling others “Mom” because that should only be me. I don’t want to argue with my husband with little things and suffer emotional stress just because I need to travel long hours to be in my job.
I know God wants the best for us. But if we will not open our eyes, we won’t see the blessings He is offering us. Remember that if we ask, it will be given. Hence, if we did not ask, we will not know and it won’t be given to us.


Watch out on my upcoming series about my Work-from-home journey! Do you have any questions or any topics that you would like me to cover? Just comment below or reach out to me and I will answer as quickly as possible ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. This is a very inspiring post. Sometimes, you just really need to take a leap of faith and with God’s will everything will fall into its right place. I am happy that you are able to work and be with your family now at the same time. Stay blessed and continue with this series, its very helpful๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Thank you for this ๐Ÿ™‚ I will try to post personal and real experiences so I can also inspire other moms to never stop achieving!

  2. It really is a blessing! Sometimes I kick myself for complaining about other things. Imagine how much commuting and dealing with office politics would be. Working at home is the best!

  3. i have a love-hate relationship with working from home. Sometimes I am super productive but sometime I am so distracted by the fridge and the tv and the Bed! I guess I really need to work on my self discipline.

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