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#WAHMs Got to Party, Too!

Last September 29, I attended a kick off party of the company I am currently working for. It was amazing that after a year of working from home, I was out again – partying! The best part? I got to meet my lovely virtual workmates-slash-friends.

Everybody knows I have been working from home for some time now. And I’m always being asked how am I surviving being just at home. Tell you guys, being ‘just’ at home is not easy – especially for moms like me. We got to balance two worlds. Say grace and poise under pressure, huh? But seriously, many people may have thought that it’s kind of boring being at home. I don’t know, for me it’s fulfilling. Call me boring or what have you – but I love being at home!

But it won’t hurt to be out from time to time, right? Especially if you’ll be with people that have the same goals, same ideas and same beliefs – for me that’s healthy and fun!

The kick off party was held at The Makati Residences. It’s my first time being there but I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures. That maybe is the case if you really are enjoying the moment, right? But here’s some snapshots (or selfies rather) from the event :

The night was not just about socializing, it’s actually a night that’s dedicated to us and all the work we do. It’s appreciation and a beginning of bigger and better opportunities.

Who would have thought that despite working from home, we also got to enjoy parties like this?

One major highlight of that night for me was when I won a generator! It was my first time winning a raffle – literally first time and it’s amazing! haha!

I am not sure yet if we are now accepting new VAs – but if you are interested, you may contact me and I will update you once we have openings .

And yes, #WAHMs got to party, too!

Oh yes, WAHM Life can be colorful, too!

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