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I’ve been asked a lot of times about how I was able to pursue working from home, how I got the courage to let go of my job in the corporate and eventually have a better situation in life. I haven’t answered them in a way that I should because I really don’t know how.

Today, I would like to share to you what made me start achieving my goal (of working from home) and why I wouldn’t stop until I have achieved all of my aspirations.

We Were Broke

To have nothing is the best test we could have in this life. It’ll teach us to find ways and survive. The pain will make us strong and we would be able to do things we thought we won’t be able to surpass.

This was our beginning.

The Things We Did to Survive

Having 2 babies and just one source of income was tough. We tried hard to make ends meet. My husband stayed at home because we can’t afford to hire someone that’ll help us take care of the kids – so I was the only one working. I struggled so much to the point that I can’t come to work because we don’t have money. And so I tried selling snacks in the office – squid balls, kwek-kwek, fried tofu. Sometimes banana cue, turon, lumpiang togue or sandwiches. I have to hide them from the guards/authorities because it wasn’t allowed. The money I’m getting from selling will be cycled to my next day’s fare going to the office and another batch of meriendas for my office mates. This was our situation for a long time. It was really tiring!

I’ve also accepted online gigs like designing invitations, chalk boards and/or bookmarks. I’ve been actively blogging and was really grateful for free products I’m receiving from collaborations.

Being always online, I have come to know about working from home opportunities and that’s when I strived hard to achieve my #WAHMDream!

The Story Begins with a Leap of Faith

I won’t get tired sharing how working from home is a great blessing for our family and God really showed how faithful He is! We started with nothing – literally. No savings, no tools/equipment to work from home, but He did make it happen! And, little by little, we are able to build a better future for our family.

My sister’s college laptop; borrowed it from her so I can start working from home
My own computer (I also have my own laptop!)

Now that I am in the process of building my empire in the homebased world, I won’t stop until our dreams become reality.

I Want to Have My Own Business

One of my aspirations is to have a business or a brand I can call my own. I want to have a steady income generator in case I get tired working for others, right? 🙂

I have ventured into different small businesses but I don’t think I’m fully-equipped to stand on my own.

I want to share to you that once I have tried building “my brand” and I had hoped to start from there, but I eventually quit, because as I say, I am not yet ready.

I had this online store I ran through Facebook and Instagram that sold perfumes and footwear. It’s called Grace & Co. It was not really my own products, I am technically reselling. The perfumes were created by a friend and I have contacted a supplier from Liliw, Laguna for the footwear. I started the business during “ber months” and it was pretty awesome! I have actually thought of going into seminars and learn creating my own perfumes – but due to circumstances, that plan has been postponed until now.

You see, I don’t have a concrete plan for my “dream business” and I actually don’t know what I really want for a business. So, I got interested in joining this event from The The Fulfilled Women called “Game Plan for Success : Turn Your Dreams to Reality”.

This event is for aspiring entrepreneurs, like me! And I am really excited to learn the secret/s to achieving our dreams!

This is an interactive and sought-after goal setting workshop that’ll boost our business minds. If you want to join me on April 13, go to this link to register.

As a gift, you can use my code to get Php300.00 off the ticket price (which is Php1500.00). The code is : bymommygrace300.

I would love to meet you and have a meaningful small talk with you 🙂

Remember, we should always be around the people with the same goals and mindset in order to succeed! See you there!

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