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Product Review : Nutri10 Plus + Day Zinc

One of the major doubts I had when I started working from home, was the health maintenance I’m getting from my last corporate job. Kuya Lance has a weaker immunity than his younger brother. When he was 2 years old, he was hospitalized twice: First because of Pneumonia and second because of acute UTI. Now that I am here at home, I told myself that I will focus more on their health. So aside from making sure that they are always fed, we also want to protect them by providing additional nutrition – and that’s when we continuously give them Nutri10 Plus.

I must admit that because we were literally living a paycheck to paycheck life, buying vitamins for them has been at the bottom of our priority list – and we felt guilty about that! Now that we are able to manage our finances better, we make sure that all the essentials are available for them.

And so we are grateful to have received another sample from Wert Philippines!

Why I choose Nutri10 Plus?

Since it is really hard to juggle from working and mommy-ing, I must admit that I am not always able to prepare a “balanced and healthy” meal for my family. Sometimes it is more convenient to order from fast food restaurants than to cook at home. Or, during busy days, I am guilty of serving them easy to prepare but unhealthy foods such as hotdogs, processed meat, and instant noodles.

So in order for me to make sure that they still get most nutrients they needed, I add Nutri10 Plus to their daily meal.

1. Nutri10 Plus is economical

Nutri10 Plus Price
Prices may vary depending on every store

We always want what’s best for our family, but we also consider our finances. I personally love Nutri10 Plus because it’s not as expensive as the other brands, but it is surely packed with vitamins and minerals that my growing kids need.

2. Nutrition In A Bottle
Nutri10 Plus contains:

  • Vitamins A, D, E
    These are called the “vital vitamins”. They are important for our body for general good health, daily repair of the body cells and functioning of the organs.
  • Vitamin B-Complex and Taurine
    This group of vitamins promotes healthy brain function, good digestion, and a healthy appetite

This one’s my favorite! I always want to see my kids happily eating and not being picky. If you’ll notice, both my kids look thin. But I assure you, they eat a lot!

  • Lysine and Zinc + Vitamin C
    As a group, they help in enhancing immunity and is vital in developing healthy bones and teeth. They also help in achieving healthy skin and prevent cell damage. Plus, Vitamin C reduces vital infections like colds.
  • CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor)
    Every parent wants their children to reach their full potential. With the Chlorella Growth Factor, healthy growth becomes simple. It helps in regeneration that can help children become taller.

Nutri10Plus will ensure your child of a healthier body and mind,
greater vitality and energy, and greater resistance to disease.

3. My Kids Likes it!
Although it’s taste is not the most delicious, my kids like it! It has a sour taste that’s bearable for the kids but I hope that they can improve on making it yummier. So the kids won’t feel like they are taking meds, di ba?

Recommended by Mommy Grace

Nutri10 Plus + DayZinc

For more than a year of using Nutri10 Plus, we have seen improvements in our kids’ health, especially to Kuya Lance. From a picky-eater, he now loves to eat! And their energy level? Iba! They can play all day and still has the energy at night to bond with Dadi.

Wert also gives us DayZinc for additional protection from viral infections, especially now that the rainy season has started.

By Mommy Grace; nutri10 plus

Kayo Mommies, anong vitamins ng mga babies nyo?


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