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Hello June and hi everyone! Wouldn’t it be great to start something new as this month starts? Well, this isn’t actually new because I have been into blogging for quite some time now. Recently, I paused and had a self-evaluation about why I am blogging. That self-evaluation was mixed up with procrastination and so I ended up losing my focus. I actually thought of giving this up but as time passed, I missed blogging. I missed the interactions with virtual friends, especially now that I work-from-home, I missed the self-expression and the sense of purpose blogging has provided.

Since I adjusted from working home, I focused more on building my presence online to get clients and to develop my skills, and totally disregarded  my blog.

Going Back to My Year’s Braver Goals

I have paused for a while and when the time came that I actually felt like stopping or giving this up, I go back. I reviewed the goals I once wrote as the year begins. Motivation got me back then and I was on a clear path. I just need to re-fuel and do it again.

My one word for 2018 was “Forward”. 2017 has been really magical. From low moments, it has taken me to an incredible beginning – all because of faith put into action. And I don’t want to leave it all behind. Although inconsistency had me stumbled down, I would revert back and remember why I started.

And if there is one thing that I am sure of – it’s that blogging will always be part of my goals and I will give my heart into it.

As my notes said, and as Arriane Serafico is always saying : “Done is better than perfect”.

Let Me Do It Again

So here I am, restarting and giving it a try again. This time I will make it more intentional and valuable as I make things happen. I really wanted to write more than about being a mom which ended up with an unorganized and messy contents. I have stayed on the primary path I had forged myself when I started. The topics became limited and the ideas have gone into circles.

I tried to restore Graceful Musings by re-branding it, but I have decided to start a new blog. This new blog would be dedicated to the process of achieving a full and fulfilling life as a WAHM (work-at-home-mom).

Starting with how I was able to quit my almost 6 years corporate job and finally work from home, I would like to share what I have learned and what I’ll be learning from this journey. Moreover, I would still continue sharing my life as a mom of boys and as a wife. As well as a woman who would love to celebrate motherhood and empower women to continue dreaming.

Motherhood should not stop us!

Motherhood should not stop us
That even all the hustles of motherhood, we were able to become the woman of our purpose.

The very main reason of my tag line “Motherhood should not stop you” was a heart-to-heart talk with my mom. We never thought that her desire to take care of us had killed her dreams and closed her mind. She always put us first that she forgot about her own dreams. My siblings and I knew that she always dream of having her own gift shop because she loves wrapping gifts! But when we asked her recently what else does she want to do beside being a mom, she answered “Wala na“. And it’s just sad to know that because motherhood has been so demanding and that because she wanted us all to have a better life, her own dreams were compromised.

What pissed us off is the fact that people are actually telling her that she’s too old to do new things! That she can no longer study nor be someone else! And that’s what I want this blog to be about. I want to encourage women to never stop pursuing, even how demanding motherhood can become. We shouldn’t be thinking that it’s over after motherhood. Because in reality, this stage can bring us so much more. This is when we are at our best, our strongest and our most courageous stage.

One day, this stage will end. No more changing of diapers, no more babies running ’round the house. Our kids will all be grown up – and somehow, they might not need us the way they need us now. And after this season, wouldn’t it be nice that we are more than moms? That even all the hustles of motherhood, we were able to become the woman of our purpose.

Back to Blogging

Back to Blogging

Allow me to continue this venture. Although I am a self-proclaimed blogger, a newbie, a rookie – name it! I want this blog to be a nest for wandering mommas who will celebrate motherhood and would want to share their dreams with a goal of pursuing them.

I will commit myself to give you personal and relatable stories that really happen. To give tips and to share what I have learned. To write about something that would be valuable and helpful – but also honest and transparent. Above all, I would love to be your friend that will push you towards your goal. Reminding you to put all your trust to the One who has sent us here.

Join me as my new venture starts NOW! 





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  1. I feel happy for you that you finally found your purpose once again when it came to blogging! There was a time last year when I wanted ro quit this, and a couple of months ago that I had to re asses why the heck I am writing in the first place. I lost my purpose, my blog lost its purpose as I got side tracked with press releases, events and such.

    I am still trying to regain things and myself. Thank you for inspiring me that even in the midst of tutoring and disciplining the kiddos, I still can do this and come back to what my blog’s identity, and what my identity is. 🙂

  2. First and foremost – welcome back! I know what it feels like – can’t tell you how many times I wanted to stop blogging but I always seem to find my way back. Hehe. Wishing you the best and can’t wait to read more of your posts!

  3. That’s great to hear! Making the change from corporate mom to work at home mom can be very fulfilling. I’ve been a WAHM for 7 years now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The fact that I see my kids more is already enough of a reason to continue. Good luck on the new blog. I’ve also thought about changing it up but have put too much into the one I have. I hope to make it more interesting though. Great inspiration here.

  4. Welcome back mommy. It’s good to pause and reflect once in a while. That will lead us to the right direction. I also agree that motherhood should not stop us in whatever that we like to do. My go-to-reason why I always miss on blogging are my mommy chores. I am already adjusting to my mom life though and hopefully I can be back on track. Cheers mommy!

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