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Food Review : Gryn Wasabi’s Maki

We had a “Maki-Party” at home last August when we celebrated our wedding anniversary. You know how it is to have kids, right? So eating out could be a struggle. Being both a food lover – eating something special is already considered a gift, so we did.

We have been craving for delicious maki and/or sushi and since we’re new in this hometown, we don’t know where to go or to order. Thankfully, everything can be access online and we found this sushi bar that’s able to deliver in our area – Gryn Wasabi Sushi Bar!

I’ve already heard about it before, when we had a team lunch and some of my workmates ordered maki/sushi for the team. That time, I was not aware that they have branch here in Laguna and that they are delivering in our area. Happy me!

How to order:

I’ll be honest that I was not able to find their website as soon as I thought I would. Because they are using a domain name different from the company name. And their Facebook Page was not so helpful at all, except that I saw a number to call from the auto-reply message there.

When I got to talked to the operator, that’s when he gave me the website’s address (because I don’t know their menu). The downside is that you can’t really order online! You will have to call their number and order over the phone. Being a millenial mom, hahaha! I no longer buy load and it’s just great that they offered to call me so we can complete the order.

Order Requirements:

Well yeah, you read it right! You need to order a minimum of Php1000.00 so they can deliver your food and pay Php100.00 delivery fee. But for me that’s sort of understandable because our location is far from their store and c’mon it’s Maki, right?!

Products to choose from:

These are not all, these were just some of our options – for their full menu, visit their website.

Our Verdict?

We were impressed, actually! Well, it’s not hard to impress us especially when it comes to food – but really it was an amazing deal. We chose this promo with Chapchae good for 3-4 people, 50 pcs Maki with Mango Sago and 2 pitchers Iced tea (all for Php1000.00!) for our dinner celebration and it didn’t fail us.

We enjoyed their California Maki – big serving, hindi tinipid and ang daming fish eggs!

But the sushi – well since they call it sushi, it was just not what we expect a sushi to be. It’s plainly crab sticks rolled in rice and Nori – but my kids enjoyed those. So +1 for that.

Their Chapchae was also delectable. Not too salty nor too sweet, it’s a combination of different flavors and the rice noodles weren’t over cooked – and that’s important for me 🙂

And I was so happy that it was a complete meal – with dessert and drinks!

Will Mommy Grace order again?

Of course! We’ve enjoyed our Maki-Party at home, thanks to Gryn Wasabi – great customer service, delectable food/experience! Try nyo, mga momshies!


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