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How We #GotheExtraMile in Making my Kids’ Birthdays Memorable

Christmas is the most awaited season of the year, but before we celebrate Jesus’ birthday, it’ll be my kids’ birthdays first!

We always make their birthdays intimate yet special so they would feel how much we’re looking forward for their birthdays and how much we’re grateful for their lives.

Before I tell you how we #GotheExtraMile and made their birthdays memorable, here’s a side story first, just before my youngest celebrated his 3rd birthday, he had an accident that gave him fractured bones. We actually planned to go to Tagaytay for his birthday but that plan won’t be possible as he recovers from the accident. No major physical activities for him, and since we’ve spent money for his cast, we decided to celebrate his birthday at home.

How did we made him smile? We made him feel special and loved even with the simple celebration we’ve prepared for him. The best part was when he blew his cake – he was amazed not just for having 2 birthday cakes, but also with the attention and love he received from the people who love him. A happy kiddo, indeed!

Now onto my firstborn’s birthday – again, we were not able to do what we’ve planned for his birthday because of unexpected workload during that week. I know that shouldn’t be the case since they are our most important work – but life happens. So we have to postpone our EK-adventure. Ending, we celebrated at home and we just let them buy their favorite toys!

How did Kuya enjoyed his birthday? I don’t know, but my kids found the blowing of their cakes memorable and special. He was excited to blow his candle and even asked to do it twice!

Sweetness overload, huh? Of course, part of making them happy is to also keep them healthy – especially their teeth after all the sweet treats they’ve had. Brushing their teeth has been part of their routine – we made sure to make brushing fun and interesting, too!

Watch how Team Kramer #GotheExtraMile through this Hapee Kiddie Toothy Tales Video!

Going the extra mile in making your kids happy doesn’t always have to be monetary or through expensive gifts/treats. Sometimes, we parents tend to forget that it’s not always the things that we bought for them, but the time we spend with them. So we want to make sure that we create memories and enjoy the time we can play and bond with them – that’s really how we #GotheExtraMile in this parenting venture. Their Hapee smiles are always worth it!

We want our kids to enjoy life by living it simple. Those small things are really the way to their hearts!

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