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I recently witnessed how one lovely relationship leads to an end. It has been a beautiful story – they were both happy and were ready to settle down. Until one of them lose sense of happiness and waved goodbye. Lack of time, affection and intimacy brought this couple to an end. Love has become a one way emotion where one was ready to give but has been flooded by problems and the other walked away feeling abandoned or unimportant.

Happiness. What does it take to be genuinely happy? How can we hold on to a person who says they’re no longer happy? Are we letting go or are we fighting?

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Love is a choice, I say. And we have so many options. Sometimes, we choose the easier way because life has been tough and we no longer want to endure the pain or to face so much circumstances. We thought choosing the easier way would make us happy. We believed that thought and live it.

It’s not wrong to find your happiness and walk away if you have to. But as you walk away, I hope you’ll remember the good times, how you started and how you’ve treasured one another. Life can give us so much that we tend to compromise those things/people that really matter to us – unintentionally, we are neglecting them and their needs. We are being controlled by our emotions and we live by other people’s expectations.

We focused too much on success that we forget who we really are, what we’re passionate about and who matters most. Sometimes, as people part ways, they forget how beautiful things were before, they forget all the love, efforts and sacrifices. They forget the dreams they’ve built, they forget the hows and the whys. They forget ‘them’.

But as love is a choice, freedom is too. We let go and give way, not because we’re tired or hopeless, but because we wish ‘them’ genuine happiness in life – without us. That does not end there though. You don’t heal right away. And… I bet you will never forget. And how will you start? Start by freeing yourself. Choosing yourself. Accepting yourself. Focusing on yourself. And (Choose to) LOVE yourself. Regrets are a different story – but those are your take away, those are the lessons you’ll learn.


There might be a big hole in your heart now, but that will be filled in (again). Maybe things are not clear yet, but soon it’ll be. And as you go on to the next chapter, unpacking your ‘planned future’, unloading memories, accepting that it’ll all change, you will still walk with a heavy heart but your soul will be set free. And by then, you can start once more.

Re-build. Re-focus. Love again. Live again. Be happy again. I hope that you will find your purpose again. That you’ll regain strength and inspiration.

Genuine happiness does not only means all roses, there will be thorns to keep you on track and to challenge your faith. Pain is inevitable. But life does not end here – you still have a long road ahead. Believe that when tomorrow comes, it’ll be better. And if it doesn’t, wait for another day and keep on moving forward.

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