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Beshes Staycation Part 2

Last October 6-7, I have spent the weekend with my high school best friends. We don’t always see each other so moments like this is a luxury.

It was actually around the same time last two years ago when we had our first staycation and after that, we realized staycation is a nice way to relax and to spend time together, especially now that we all have different things that keep us busy.

The first staycation was for the big announcement of Dada’s engagement, this time we are sending her off to US to be with her husband. Oh, time passes by so quickly!

It was Dada who booked for our room. We stayed at Fairways Tower in BGC, Taguig.

The room was very minimalist and I personally love how the owner preferred to keep it simple with wooden tables and chairs. The color scheme in the room is also refreshing to the eye.

There’s free wifi and free Netflix, too!

I love this sofa bed! I like the color and the design, plus it’s multi-functionality
See? A very stylish sofa and a comfortable bed for two!

We planned to quickly dip in the pool that’s included with our accomodation but it was under construction during our stay – so our swimwears slept with us that night, haha!

We met around 6PM so we already had dinner and the only thing we need to buy were snacks to keep us up during the night as we talk about each other’s life.

We went to Rustan’s supermarket that’s just walking distance from Fairways Tower.

And finally, milk tea cravings satisfied!
This was after we bought snacks and wine and while waiting for Carmie

Carmie came after work, so we started while the night was young. Haha! Netflix over wine is superb!

And then finally, around 10:00-10:30 PM, we’re complete!

Monique’s in Thailand and we won’t miss the night without her. So, face time!

Next year, it’ll be two of them or maybe three?

I just love this friendship – time and distance made it stronger and as life take us to adulthood, these girls, now women, will always be one of my inspirations.

It was a nice stay, a sweet night and another happy memory with them – planning for next staycation, hopefully longer and somewhere far from the city?

You can go through life and make new friends instantly.. but there was never any substitute for those friendships that survive into adult years.

-Monique Abad

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  1. Aww besh! You are right, its a luxury indeed. Im thankful because no matter how long is the time spent not seeing each other, the hype is still the same ❤️ Love you all 😘

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